“What and who does Mother’s Day look like to you?” (BMBFA Mommy Ambassadors)

Read below to hear about what Mother’s Day and Motherhood is to the BMBFA Mommy Ambassadors, some of the most dedicated and passionate Mothers in the entire city!

“Reflecting on the essence of motherhood evokes words like resilience, reinvention, dedication and magic. The ability of mothers to transform adversity into triumphs amidst life’s unpredictable journey is the most amazing element on this roller coaster ride. Embracing motherhood myself has really illuminated just how magical my own mother was and currently is! As a child, I may not have fully understood the sacrifices that were made but looking back on my childhood I was privileged to have a mother that went above and beyond with two children, a husband and a full time job all while in school to better herself. The unwavering dedication of a mother driven by the pursuit of wanting a brighter future for her children is a hustle that can’t be deterred. Through her example, I embody perseverance. It is because of my mother and her mother’s teachings that I know whose & who I am. Because of that alone I remain through the storms of life. It is through these formative experiences that I navigate the transformative phase of motherhood, known as matriesence. In this moment I give gratitude to my mother, Kimberly Culbreath, for her transparency and guidance even still to this day and how she is continually aiding in shaping who I am as a woman and mother. Happy Mother’s day to a phenomenal woman!”

Ma’Khya Culbreath

“There are so many mothers that have molded my view of motherhood and deserving of honor and thanks. I want to specifically honor my own mother, Charlene, whose loss still feels like it just happened yesterday and again every day that I wake up. I learned so much strength and resilience from watching her independently raise my sister and I, as I find myself doing the same with my son. She was an imperfect person and mother which left me with some of the best lessons. So today, I want to uplift mothers like her and like me, who are imperfect but show up every day to give their all to their children. I want to uplift mothers who go to bed at night not quite sure how they’re going to make the next day happen but wake up and conquer it anyway. The mothers who are not filled with the love and attention they need but still pour it into others. The mothers who don’t always have the energy to cook but always make sure those babies are fed. The mothers who find ways to make things happen that they never imagined were even possible. There are so many ways I find myself being imperfect as a mother but with time and learning will continue to grow and evolve. However, I want to stand firm in the mess of motherhood and the idea that no matter how weary I may get or how imperfect I may be, I am the dedicated to loving and nurturing my son. So, to all my moms out there, flaws, imperfections, and all, I honor you. And to my beautiful son, and the reason I’m able to celebrate Mother’s Day, thank you for allowing me to be imperfect.”

Rita Little

“One of my blessings is being a mother for 29 years, but life for me ain’t been no crystal stair! My four children are definitely the highlight of my life. I have been the village for my children, family, and so many others while still trying to hold myself up. Motherhood is not a science, every woman has her own blueprint, but each journey is special and unique. This Mother’s Day I give honor to the mothers who look like me. The Black and Brown Mother who worries everyday how the world will treat her children and if they’ll remember they are loved. The mother who battles depression, chronic illness, and insecurities but manages to never miss a beat with her children. The mother who may cry alone at night, but gets up everyday and holds her head up high. A mother who contemplates her own life and destiny, but her children think she’s a superwoman. Motherhood is a gift and we must remember to celebrate those mothers who aren’t always recognized or feel forgotten.”

Mia Halthon

“This Mother’s Day, I would like to highlight one of the most loving and uplifting women in Detroit.  Tahirah Khalid, AKA “Mama T”, has been a pillar in my community since before I was even thought of.  She has positively impacted countless lives through her work at Wayne State University, Sisterfriends Detroit, Muslimah University, Muslim Family Services, and many more organizations.  I’ve personally claimed her as an auntie and she has graciously received me with open arms.  Auntie Tahirah is never short of encouraging words, resources, or hugs and kisses.  Without her personal recommendation to join Sisterfriends, I wouldn’t have found the community of mothers that literally saved my baby and me from the all too common obstacles of the medical system. I wouldn’t have found Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association, The Great Divine Center, St. John Breastfeeding Clinic, Pregnancy Aid Detroit, The Detroit Diaper Bank- the list goes on and on. Auntie Tahirah is the one who sparked my interest in helping other moms through birth work and education. I couldn’t imagine my life without her and we’re not even super close. I don’t even know why she loves me. All I can do is try to pay forward some of the love she’s given me.  I truly hope everyone in the city gets the opportunity to be loved by her.”

Asya Ziyad

“When I think of motherhood, I think of a loving cycle of mothering. The reciprocity of being mothered and also pouring out love to mother others. First, I think of all the women who have poured into me. 

To my mother, the prototype, you taught me love for community and the love of God. Your example and labor of love gave me a strong foundation to begin my motherhood journey. Your unshakeable, committed love and timeless wisdom means everything. I hope you know, everyday, just how beautiful you are. 

To my friends and mentors, thank you for stepping in and mothering me when I needed it and when I didn’t know I needed it. Showing up for me, holding me and encouraging me has meant everything. I pray for your abundance, your elevation and your protection because all of you deserve God’s best.

Also, thank you to the little ones that made me a mother. Initially I thought my job was only to help mold you and protect you but I quickly learned, you were here to teach me too. My life will never be the same because you chose me to be your mother. I thank you for being amazing just because you are. Thank you for raising the vibration of my life and showing me just how strong I really am. I thank you for making me the most proud momma in the world because there is nothing about you I would ever change. To my niece, the first baby I had the privilege of pouring in to. The girl of my dreams… To see you develop and grow into the most dynamic young woman is proof that God loves me. The seeds I have sown, were not in vain and you are my most amazing harvest. “

Malikah Garner

As a mother, I hold someone else on a daily. I am my son’s caretaker and I truly couldn’t do this completely alone. I am grateful for the role my sister has in my village, lightening my burdens and aiding in nurturing my son. Today, I pay homage to her, recognizing her pivotal position in my team, providing solace and strength as I navigate the complexities of parenthood. She holds me as I hold him.”

Arianna Davis

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