Frequently Asked Questions

BMBFA B’Right Hub 

Q: What is the BMBFA B’Right Hub

A: The BMBFA B’Right Hub community is a social platform for parent clubs and their members.  It is an interactive tool used by parent clubs to enhance their program service and delivery.  Designed with “birth rights” in mind, B’Right Hub connects families with parent clubs that are committed to improving birth and maternal health outcomes.


Q: Should I register as a member or a club? 

A: Register as a “member”, if you’re a parent.

Register as a “club” if you are an organizer of a(n) parent club, group, or organization.


Q: Who needs a subscription?

A: Clubs need a subscription. Stay tuned for more information about club subscriptions.


Q: Can I download the BMBFA B’Right App on my mobile device? 

A: The BMBFA B’Right Hub is free for members to download on Google Play or in the App Store. 


Q: What’s the difference between the mobile app and the web application?

A: Members can access their dashboard on both the web application and mobile app.  Club organizers can access their dashboard only on the web application.  


Q: Does the BMBFA B’Right Hub cost?

A: The BMBFA B’Right Hub is free for members. Subscriptions are available for clubs.


Q: How can I get in contact with a BMBFA B’Right Hub administrator?  

A: Contact us at: join an open hours session here.