BMBFA in unexpected times

   While pregnant with my third, I planned to not breastfeed because I hadn’t breastfed my other children. But while attending parenting classes, I began to change my mind. I was learning about different ways that breast milk would benefit my baby from infancy into adulthood. I found it very interesting that these children do better with so many things in life – especially in school.
    After my son Micarri was born I wasn’t sure how to feed him and the nurses on the staff at that hospital didn’t provide very much help. I wasn’t going to give up, so during his visit to the pediatrician I explained my situation and they referred me to a number that could help. I realized that it was a number I already had so I immediately called. I set up an appointment for someone to come and help. When the day finally came I heard a knock on the door and to my surprise it was a familiar face. Juanisha was a speaker at the pregnancy classes from Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association! She was promoting breastfeeding and how it benefits the baby and the mother, which made me so comfortable with the decisions I made. Before we started she asked me, “What do you need the most help with?” I explained that I was completely lost.
    Juanisha told me before I did anything I would have to relax and that was harder than I thought. I was so tense that my shoulders were up. She rested her hands on them and said, “You are still not relaxed.” I wasn’t aware of it until she showed me. After that I really tried to relax and began to show her what I had been doing to feed him. I wasn’t sure if I had been doing something wrong or if Micarri was latching on properly. She told me: bring the baby to you. That was my first mistake – I had been leaning over. The second was my fear. She advised me stop pulling him close and snatching him away when I get scared. She physically put him on. She did it so fast; I didn’t feel it or see it because my eyes were closed. I was excited to see Micarri eating I didn’t want to move thinking I would interrupt him.  She explained that I would have to put him on myself so she had me take him off and try on the other side. After a few minutes I got it and to my surprise I had caught on! I would just have to keep it up.
   I’m 4 months in and I’m still seeing Juanisha to receive support with any issues that come up. She continues to provide me with helpful tips and resources to make things easier for us to achieve the goals I have. I will keep pushing myself until I can’t do it any longer because we all have worked so hard. Micarri is so smart and healthy he has only been sick once – even with him being a winter baby around people that were constantly sick. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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  • Mothers need to know is it takes is a little education and patience. Being around other breastfeeding mothers is key to promoting breastfeeding. Almost all mothers can breastfeed, but they just need a little confidence!

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