Zainab Sulaiman

HealthConnect One

Zainab “Zee” Sulaiman is the Vice President of Impact and Advocacy at HealthConnect One. In her role she oversees the research, communication, and advocacy departments to ensure the quality and integrity of the organization’s services and programs. Her team evaluates the impact and effectiveness of HealthConnect One’s approach to advocacy, refining projects to address the problems the organization aims to solve. Prior to joining HealthConnect One, Zee served as a Research and Communications Consultant for various multilateral stakeholders, community organizations, and coalitions, where she worked with activists, advocates and academics to center feminist approaches to gender-based violence interventions. She also worked with state and local government agencies and community leaders in Nigeria to propose and implement policy and practice on gender-based violence response and prevention. Her work is dedicated to reproductive and gender justice, with a focus on ensuring underserved populations have access to adequate and quality reproductive health knowledge, information, and services to create sustainable communities. She holds a B.A in Psychology and Pan-African Studies, and an MSc from King’s College London/London School of Tropical Medicine. Zee is a mother to an inquisitive and ocean animal loving four-year-old, and enjoys reading books and traveling the world with her sidekick.