Takisha Miller

The Importance of Black Centered Lactation Support

Takisha Miller is a Lactation/Human Milk Advocate, Community Organizer, Homeschooling Parent, and now Executive Director of Chocolate Milk Café National Inc. She has been devoted to providing lactation and community support since becoming a parent in 2012. Her desire to support Black families on their lactating journeys ignited when she learned about Black Breastfeeding Week in 2016; where she organized her first event in New Jersey through Families for Equity; a community based cooperative designed to amplify the voices of Black families and their needs throughout Northern New Jersey. With a background in Interior Design and a passion for bringing visions to life; Takisha has enjoyed utilizing her many talents and creativity to support and serve the growing Lactation community.

Session Description:

Chocolate Milk Café is a national network developed by Black Lactation Advocates and Professionals to provide culturally congruent care to families that are part of the African Diaspora across the United States. During our presentation, we will discuss the importance of our organization and how our presence provides a solution to combating the disparity rates within the community.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Viewers will be able to find resources to join our national network.
  2. Participants can identify the need for culturally congruent care within their community.