Shon Hart

Panel: Destigmatizing Care for Marginalized Families

Shon Hart is a married father of three, a premier keynote motivational speaker, and a leading authority on fatherhood. Shon travels the country inspiring organizations, sports teams, and school districts; providing them with resources and tools which empower them to control the narrative and use their “why” as fuel to excel in everything they do. Shon operates in the belief that “It’s your responsibility to steward the gift you have, therefore you should DOMINATE YOUR LANE!” In 2015, Shon founded InvolvedDad, an organization that reunifies, supports, and restores relationships of fragile families. Shon has worked with hundreds of fathers and restored numerous tumultuous relationships throughout the years. Shon believes that if fathers are supported and made a priority rather than an option, the epidemic cycle of fatherlessness in America will be broken. Shon’s motto is, “Strong fathers create strong families, strong families, create strong communities.” Shon has committed his life to making a difference, and that difference is made by impacting one father at a time. Shon will never give up on the work of fatherhood, until fatherlessness is eradicated.