Sekesa Berry, Midwife

Love 'N' Lactation, Breastfeeding Essentials

Sekesa Berry is a Birth Justice Activist and community leader for Black Birth Workers throughout Metro Atlanta. She honors many titles such as the Founder and Director of the Atlanta Doula Collective, Developer of the Maternal Health Consultant Training, a Lactation Specialist, and a Traditional Midwife and Author. However, there is one title that Sekesa raises above all others – Mother. She is a loving mother to four children and a community mother to many. She believes that mothers are the first teachers to their youth and therefore at the center of nation building. Respectively, for over a decade Sekesa has worked closely with several grass-roots organizations and local non-profit foundations in an effort to decolonize birth, curtail birth traumas, and restore natural birth rights. Through these efforts Sekesa continues to be a valued and resourceful woman within her community.