Nicole Riley

The Mourning Moms

Nicole Riley is serial entrepreneur and stay at home mom. She’s a Certified Tax Professional, Credit Specialist, Business Strategist, and Grief Advocate. Her brand, Bombshell Expressions, which started as a custom t-shirt and print on demand service, quickly became an e-commerce service that helps aspiring entrepreneurs turn their passion into profits with their own print on demand services. She’s the Co-Owner of GMT Records, GMT Tax Solutions and GMT Promotions with her husband, Cedric.
Outside of being a diligent business owner, Nicole is a stay at home mom of 5 + triplets. After experiencing the tragic death of one of her triplets, Nicole began openly, candidly, vulnerably documenting her journey of life, motherhood and entrepreneurship after child loss. She has hopes of breaking the stigma and taboo surrounding loss and balancing grief and joy, while still living a full life. She encourages other angel moms to grieve out loud to further normalize expressed grief after child loss.
She’s the Co-Creator of The Mourning Moms, a community and hope look book, exalting angel moms by merging lifestyle, beauty and child loss, with fellow angel mom, Katina Nish.
She’s best known in the child loss community for her hashtag #BlackChildLoss, created to connect Black women with other Black angel moms, to help find and build a strong community of support.