Larita Taylor, PHD, MPH, CLC

Nurture for the Nurturer: A 12 Day Meditational & Technical Guide for Breastfeeding Mothers

Dr. Larita Taylor is not another “talking head”, but an enthusiastic health coach. Before she became a mother, she was already a breastfeeding advocate conducting public health research designed to reduce racial disparities in breastfeeding and birth outcomes through her company Webbmark Health Solutions. The struggles she overcame to breastfeed her two children only amplified her advocacy efforts and led her to become a certified lactation counselor. As an alumnus of Fuller Theological Seminary and a former director of congregational care for a megachurch, she is well acquainted with caring for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of others while maintaining self-care practices. She is a proud Vanderbilt Commodore and two-time graduate of the University of Memphis School of Public Health where she completed her Master’s and Doctorate. She resides in TN with her loving husband and joyous children.