Felicia Lane

Women-Inspired Neighborhood Network

Felicia began her journey as a community health worker well before she knew she was going to be one. As a pregnant young woman with no information about where to get prenatal care, or transportation to get there, she was offered support by a community health worker (CHW). The assistance she received from that CHW relieved a tremendous amount of stress for her. Most importantly, the beautiful baby grew up healthy, graduated at the top of her class, and went on to get her masters degree at an early age. As a parent and a CHW, Felicia contributes a great part of her success to the CHW that helped her years ago.

As a CHW, Felicia has been able to assist in the inception of Henry Ford Health System’s Women-Inspired Neighborhood Network (formerly Sew Up the Safety Net) and is currently a co-facilitator in the country’s first group prenatal care model that utilizes CHWs as co-facilitators along with prenatal care providers. What enables her to work so hard as a CHW is being able to empower others to be the best they can be. Felicia’s vision for the CHW role is to see it become a part of every aspect of the community. She envisions CHWs in schools, police departments, fire departments, clinics, hospitals grocery stores, dentist offices, law office courts. Etc. Her ultimate dream is to see CHW’s known throughout all walks of life.

I know when you have a healthy pregnancy and baby you can create a healthy neighborhood, and with a healthy neighborhood you have a healthy community, and with a healthy community you produce a healthy nation. – Felicia Lane