Erica Guthaus, CD


Erica Guthaus has been supporting families in their childbearing year since 2008 and has been part of the professional birth community since 2014. A highly skilled communicator, educator and encourager, she specializes in transformative growth and empowerment. She believes birth and parenting are significant pathways to discovery and finds great joy and honor in supporting birth workers as they guide families through that journey of transition.

As the Conjuror of Birth Reclamation for Rootead and Director of Red Birth Green, Erica is bringing her skill set to life by supporting Rootead’s community in claiming compassionate, inclusive and respectful care for the entire family dynamic during the childbearing year. She works tirelessly to support Red Birth Green birth workers and parents in discovering and owning their soul connection to their children and community as well as how to embrace and utilize that connection for maximum benefit. Erica is firmly committed to the power of wisdom keeping and a peaceful transition, be it in birth, bringing baby home or simply embracing parenthood.

As an unschooling mom, Erica is passionate about learning with life. She lives in Lansing with her husband, Jason, their 4 vivacious kids and 6 rescue pets. Born and raised in Kalamazoo, she loves a good hammock hang or bonfire, but would live with her toes in the ocean if she ever leaves the Mitten again.