Kiddada Green, M.A.T.

Black Mothers' Breastfeeding Association

Kiddada Green is the founding executive director of Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA).  In this role, she is responsible for the organization’s vision, administration, operations and program development.  Before fully transitioning into her role with BMBFA, Kiddada spent much of her early career with Detroit Public Schools.  She often attributes the development of her leadership to her years with DPS, where she served as both a literacy coach and instructional specialist.

As a community organizer, Kiddada advocates for racial justice in maternal child health.

She has spearheaded the formation of the Black Breastfeeding Caucus and is the co-creator of both Mommy-Friendly Detroit and Black Breastfeeding Week.  Kiddada serves on several committees and special projects including the US Breastfeeding Committee COVID-19 Infant Young Child Feeding Constellation and MI Department of Health & Human Services Maternal Infant Strategy Group.

A thought leader and field builder –  Kiddada put forth recommendations for The U.S. Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding and the State of Michigan Breastfeeding Plan.  Her work has been published internationally in Breastfeeding Medicine and she has been featured in several noteworthy publications, including Ebony Magazine, Women’s eNews and The Root.

An avid learner, Kiddada is a proud esteemed member of the inaugural class of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Community Leadership Network Fellowship Program.  She is a social entrepreneur, successfully completing a business accelerator fellowship with Ascension Health.  In 2020, Kiddada launched Ask Kiddada, a leadership consulting firm.

A Spartan and a Grizzly, Kiddada holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching from Oakland University.  She is a proud and devoted wife, mother and advocate.

Session Description:

Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association’s signature work, Black Mothers Breastfeeding Club has run without interruption since 2008 serving as a safe space for 1000+ Black pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to come together for fellowship, sisterhood, parenting and breastfeeding support. Peer and mother-to-mother parent groups are an evidenced and effective strategy to prevent disease, promote health and improve breastfeeding rates. However, according to a needs assessment conducted by BMBFA, 70% of group administrators surveyed shared that they are unsatisfied with their current data collecting and reporting methods. 98% are interested in collecting data for maternal-child health outcomes. 88% are interested in collecting member demographic data and group data (i.e. retention rate, attendance, # of gatherings, etc.). Most impactful are the ways that group administrators wish to use their data including; program improvement (98%), to communicate successes/opportunities with stakeholders (83%), and to leverage funding opportunities (78%).  

BMBFA B’Right Hub, the virtual community for parent clubs was developed based on the results of the needs assessment along with 13 years of experience hosting Black Mothers Breastfeeding Club in 3 different states, consulting experience, and an internal analysis of BMBFA’s private-labeled “Breastfeeding Club Data System” built in 2014. The BMBFA B’Right Hub is a mobile and web-based community platform for parent clubs and their members. It is an interactive tool used by parent clubs to enhance their program service and delivery. Designed with “birth rights” in mind, B’Right Hub connects families with parent clubs that are committed to improving birth and maternal health outcomes. As a model for emerging Black innovators in the Black birthing space, BMBFA will share the story of the path they forged to move this technological innovation from ideation to impact.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To list key strategies used to create innovative and technological solutions to transform Black maternal child health.
  2. To explain how technological innovation and data collection tools designed by Black leadership can drive clinical and/or non-clinical practices and policies.
  3. To explain how the BMBFA B’Right Hub, a virtual community for parent clubs, is used as an effective tool to inform program service delivery and positively impact breastfeeding and other maternal-child health outcomes.