Joscelyn Spivey

Community & Family Committee Co-chair

I am a trained Full Spectrum Doula Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Counselor, yoga instructor, a passionate breastfeeding advocate and a mother of 3 and a wife. As an experienced Full Spectrum Doula, Joscelyn has provided care to women and their
families for years. My earliest experience with childbirth was having a child and moving shortly thereafter to the Azores, Portugal. The island was small and resources were not plentiful, so having a midwife, and doula was the norm in the area. I started my Doula journey after the birth of my second son in 2005, who was born 7.5 weeks early, due to Placental Abruption.  At the time my husband was deployed and missed the birth. At the age of 3, he was diagnosed with Autism. I am a Student Midwife currently working on my Bachelor of Science in Midwifery.  My 3rd son was born in Germany on a military base, in an area where resources were better under a program that the military calls stork-nesting, where you are given a partner, midwife, and doula to help you with your birth.  At the time I was volunteering to partner and support other moms in the area. This continued my journey into becoming a doula and assisting with births.  Due to my second son being autistic I developed an interest in studying vaccines, genetics and anything involving childbirth. This curiosity led me on a journey to find out my genetics and family ancestry, after much research, I discovered that much of my ancestry and family is from Cameroon,  I connected with relatives, distance cousins and even great aunts and uncles in the area and found that what is lacking in both areas is medical facilities and Birthing Assistants. It is my desire that the world’s infant and maternal mortality rate decrease as the future of humanity depends upon every baby born and they all matter. While traveling to these places and learning about their cultures,  I learned a great amount of Portuguese, German, Sango, Swahili, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Just enough to communicate with mothers in the area. I’d like to further my knowledge and help as many people as I can.