Seminar 2017 Sponsor Packages

*Sponsor/Exhibitor Policy – By choosing to become a sponsor/exhibitor, you agree to the following sponsor and exhibitor policy: This policy applies to all promotional activity related in any way to the BMBFA, including but not limited to seminars/conferences, summits, displays and program advertising. BMBFA will not accept any advertisement for human milk substitutes. Advertisements will not be accepted from any company/organization that produces human milk substitutes. Acceptance of a sponsorship, advertisement or exhibit does not constitute BMBFA’s endorsement of the company/organization, its product, or service. If a sponsor or exhibitor is found to be in violation of these policies, the relationship between BMBFA and the sponsor or exhibitor will be terminated immediately. In addition, the said sponsor or exhibitor shall remain responsible for all unpaid fees, costs, or expenses incurred in connection with the said sponsor’s or exhibitor’s related promotional activities and shall forfeit all claims to fees paid to any in connection with all such promotional activities. BMBFA in its sole discretion will determine if the said sponsor or exhibitor is in violation of this policy.