Sekeita Lewis Johnson

Sekeita Lewis-Johnson is a Registered Nurse and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing from Michigan State University. She participated in a maternal-child competency based fellowship program in Washington D.C., that was geared towards new graduates entering specialties. Most of her career has been as a labor and delivery nurse, with 9 years of experience as a lactation consultant. In her role as a lactation consultant, Sekeita has taught breastfeeding classes, designed lactation curriculum for nursing staff and residents, and consulted with patients in hospital settings, as well, as outpatient settings. She is currently a Doctor of Nursing Practice student at Wayne State University. Passionate about breastfeeding and its health outcomes, Sekeita provides lactation services with an emphasis on exclusivity. Sekeita has breastfed 3 children and has first-hand knowledge regarding breastfeeding challenges. She is available for lactation consultations for those experiencing breastfeeding difficulties or women with risk factors that would affect lactation.

Sekeita recently received “The People’s Choice Award” from the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners for her Poster Presentation titled: The Role of Implicit Bias in Breastfeeding Disparities among African-American women. In 2017, Sekeita presented at ROSE conference on the topic of “Inpatient Lactation Acuity and Triage”. Additionally, she was awarded “IBCLC of the Decade” by Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association. Lastly, she has been selected to participate in a Community Innovations Project for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).