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Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Club® is a unique model that has a documented history of success.  Our community-based mother-led breastfeeding clubs are well attended and have run without interruption since 2008.  Our comprehensive approach specifically addresses the historical, societal and social barriers that exist in breastfeeding support and success for African-Americans.  Are you a community organizer? Do you represent a community organization?  Are you apart of a public health agency?  Are you interested in a socially appropriate and targeted approach to decreasing black-white racial breastfeeding disparity? Yes. Well, our model is available for replication.  Contact us for more information.


Community Breastfeeding Education Program

The Community Breastfeeding Education Program provides breastfeeding education to expecting and breastfeeding families in community group settings. Throughout Detroit, MI, BMBFA’s Community Breastfeeding Educator provides information on topics such as latching, milk production, milk storage, weaning and returning to work/school. Furthermore, the CBE advises families on ways to incorporate breastfeeding into their lifestyle. Typically, the CBE provides breastfeeding education during group prenatal sessions, community baby showers, health fairs, parent meetings and other family-friendly events. Are you expecting 3 or more pregnant/breastfeeding women at your community event? Let us be of service to you. Click here to submit your request.


Community Approach to Breastfeeding Support Workshop Series

Our “Community Approach to Breastfeeding Support Workshop Series” is a national resource designed to provide culturally appropriate and relevant strategies, information, applicable skills and action steps to agency employees that have an interest in maternal-child-health. Our focus is aligned with the nation’s goal to increase breastfeeding rates and decrease health disparities throughout the African American community.  We have a team of highly trained and experienced consultants ready to service your agency.  Contact us today to find out how we can schedule a session at your meeting place.  Learn more.


Annual Seminar

We host an annual seminar in Detroit, MI.  The purpose of our seminar is to bring together a diverse group of professionals that have an interest in maternal-child-health, to provide them with leading information about the most current practices, studies and models in public health that address the specific socio-cultural needs of African American families and breastfeeding.  Click here for details from Seminar 2016.  Stay tuned for information about our upcoming seminar in 2017.