Lynette Biery, PA-C, MSc

Masterclass: Michigan Mother Infant Health & Equity Improvement Plan

Friday, May 10, 2019, 2:30-3:30pm

Lynette Biery is the Director of the Bureau of Family Health Services, with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services where she provides administrative direction and oversight of the Division of Immunization, the Division of Maternal and Infant Health, and the Division of Child and Adolescent Health. She also serves as the Maternal Child Health Director for Michigan.


Lynette has extensive experience in clinical care delivery, research, evaluation, program management and administration. She was Project Manager at the MSU Institute for Health Policy where she worked on a variety of research, policy analysis, and quality improvement projects for both public and private sector organizations, covering a range of maternal child health issues. She also has many years of clinical practice in the primary care setting as a Certified Physician Assistant.


Lynette is an enthusiastic supporter of breastfeeding and breast fed her two daughters until they were 3 years old.