Glenda Wapegan-Magarrell, MPA, NAWDP

Program Director

Glenda Wapegan-Magarrell joined BMBFA as Program Director in January 2017. A transplant to Detroit, Glenda is a member of the Muscowpetung First Nation in Fort QuAppelle, Saskatchewan, Canada. Of First Nation and African-American descent, she was raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She attended the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College at the University of Regina where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and also received a certificate in Project Management from Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta. Glenda moved to Detroit in 2003 to pursue her goal to obtain a master’s degree and gain a broader understanding of the impact of the federal policies affecting Aboriginal people and other members of under-served and disadvantaged populations in North America. She graduated from Central Michigan University in 2007 with a Master’s in Public Administration degree. Over the years, Glenda has applied her academic education and work experience in a variety of management positions for programs funded by federal funds and, foundation and corporate grants. She is committed to helping to build stronger communities for people of color and has learned the critical importance of developing strong partnerships and successful collaborations that will maximize outcomes for the both the organization and the consumer.   Her passion for working in the public sector stems from her early experiences as a consumer of the services that were instrumental in helping her to address situational and professional challenges. Glenda is both excited and honored to play a role in helping BMBFA make even greater impact in the community.

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