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Posting date: October 1, 2019


BMBFA’s Board President leads the board of directors, sets the board priorities, works with the executive director to set the meeting agenda and run the meetings. During board meetings, the president calls the meeting to order, takes roll and moves the agenda forward.  The president assigns workloads and duties to board members. The president makes speeches, participates in public events, attends meetings, writes messages/articles and conducts interviews with the media on behalf of the organization. The president is responsible for the main oversight of organizational finances, vision, mission, and long-term goal setting. 

Role and Responsibilities

  • Goal Setting – The board president leads the organization in strategic planning. In consultation with the executive director and board members, the board president sets short- and long-term goals to ensure the organization is mission-centered and outcome-oriented.
    1. Examples:
      1. Responsible for working with the board to set short- and long-term organizational goals. Goals should include community engagement, organizational capacity, and fundraising.
      2. Works collaboratively with board members and the executive director to set organizational goals.
      3. Creates a strategic plan with specific, measurable outcomes.
  • Assessment and Evaluation – The board president is responsible for tracking organizational progress and evaluating the completion of established goals. This usually involves a full assessment of organizational needs, reviewing financial statements and digging deeper into community needs. 
    1. Examples:
      1. Evaluates progress of the planned outcomes and the strategic plan to grow organizational capacity and connect daily work with the vision and mission of the organization.
  • Lead the Board – The board president convenes the board in regular meetings and  planning retreats. The board president monitors progress of committees and aligns their work with organizational mission and goals.
    1. Examples:
      1. Schedules and leads board meetings. Creates an agenda that includes financial reporting, personnel updates, community engagement and progress reports from each standing committee. Regularly reviews the organization’s work plan.
      2. Aligns organizational goals with the work of special interest committees. Creates special interest committees geared toward fundraising and community engagement. Meets with committee leaders and provides guidance about workflow and how individual committees can support the community impact of the organization.
  • Fundraising – Nonprofit organizations rely on external fundraising to build organizational capacity and embark on capital and/or operating projects. The board president leads fundraising efforts and coordinates special finance campaigns. This often involves meeting with individual donors, seeking the support of corporate sponsorship and tapping organizational constituents for individual donations.
    1. Examples:
      1. Spearheads financial campaigns to bolster the organizational budget. Takes the lead on community-wide fundraising events such as an annual gala, walk or breakfast and other innovative events.
      2. Meets with donors and corporate supporters to seek financial donations. Establishes a targeted private funding goal, creates a recognition system to honor donors and aligns the fundraising goal with the budgetary needs of the organization.

Desired Qualifications

  • Extensive, demonstrated and successful leadership experience as a non-profit/for-profit executive or board member 
  • Established history of building capacity in the nonprofit sector
  • Experience developing and implementing an organizational strategic plan
  • Successful fundraising experience with a proven record of raising unrestricted funds 
  • Familiarity with Robert’s Rules of Order

Board Term

  • 2-year term
  • January 2020 – December 2021

Time Commitment

  • 8-12 hours per week
  • Must have a flexible schedule


Send resumes and the link to your LinkedIn profile to both Madame President Sekeita Lewis-Johnson, and Founding Executive Director, Kiddada Green,  Use subject line: “board application”. Resumes will be reviewed and responses will be sent based on organizational interest.


  • Apply by October 20, 2019


  • Detroit-area applicants preferred.
  • Important Dates:  Interviews will be scheduled for the evening of November 3, 2019.  Interviews will be held in person for Detroit-area candidates and virtually for all others. Incoming President is expected to attend the board meeting on December 8, 2019.


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